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links for 2010-11-11

  • "The Washington Post has an iPad app, and it's much better than the iPhone program I panned in March.

    That's good, inasmuch as I work here and want my employer to do well.

    But the Post app — coming months after the iPad debuts of such other newspapers as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today — lacks some obvious features. That's not so good."

  • "It’s time for marketers to shift paradigms so they actively find, listen to, and understand these sources across all forms of media, identify who the real Influencers of their market are, and then engage with a mix of key individuals who will best help tell their story to their target market."
  • "The good news is that there’s an apology to Monica Gaudio, along with the assertion that indeed a donation has been made to the Columbia School of Journalism, as Ms. Gaudio requested. So that’s good." John Scalzi updates on the Cooks Source copyright fiasco from last week.

    The rather less good news is that the apology seems generally to be avoiding the fact that Ms. Griggs’ letter to Ms. Gaudio plus the extensive examples of articles wholly taken from other sources without clearance or payment make it clear that the issue with the Cooks Source was not “an oversight of a small, overworked staff.” It also attempts to imply that the problem with Cooks Source was not Ms. Griggs’ “The Internet is a buffet of rights-free material” philosophy but that contributors playing fast and loose with other people’s material were somehow to blame.

  • Hearst Corporation’s Innovation group announced today that it is partnering with The University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI), Adobe Systems Inc., Google, and Sprint Nextel to hold a student competition aimed at creating new journalism-focused mobile apps using Google’s open-source Android mobile operating system.