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Pacemaker CMS stats

I like following the CMS (Content Management System) changes in college media, and keeping track of who’s using what, so here’s some CMS trivia related to the ACP Online Pacemaker winners, announced this past weekend in Louisville.

Among the winners, CMS used:

*The College Heights Herald recently moved to TownNews, but their site was on WordPress when they were judged, so they count as a WordPress site for statistical purposes.

Other notes: Two of the Drupal sites are from the same college news organization (the Daily Illini and, and both of Swarthmore’s winners were homegrown, but different organizations. The HTML hand-coded site was from Spokane Falls Community College.

I would encourage people not to read too much into the numbers. Good journalism is not CMS-dependent, as I’ve said before.

Below the fold is a screen shot with the CMS noted above each site. I added the CMS name – it’s not on the ACP web site.

onlinepacemakers (20101102)

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