Telling stories with video – Mark Hoffman

journal sentinel seriesMark Hoffman, photojournalist with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, was at Eastern this week as part of a visiting professionals program. His main focus was on still photography, but he spoke to my multimedia classes about videography, mainly telling stories with video as opposed to other forms of presentation.

In class, he showed several videos from a series the JS did about Wisconsin’s alcohol problems, and talked about how he progressed from one story to the next. I’d encourage you to check out the videos. Unfortunately, the J-S doesn’t allow embedding, and I can’t get to a permalink to the videos. Here’s the landing page for the series “Wasted in Wisconsin.” Scroll down a little bit to get to the video player.

Particularly pay attention to the part of the series about the detox center. Since Hoffman produced the video report, the detox center uses the video in presentations around the state. They were also able to secure further funding for their work. He is hoping to expand the story in collaboration with Wisconsin Public Television.


Hoffman also showed a video he shot of a horse that paints (!). Not as deep as the “Wasted in Wisconsin” series, but Hoffman’s point was that the story wouldn’t be the same without video of the horse actually working at the easel.

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