Redesigns 2010: Daily Mustang

The SMU Daily Mustang accomplished a redesign of their online-only publication during the spring semester, but it’s worth noting. Adviser Jake Batsell said via e-mail:

  • We switched from a Flash video player to Vimeo in the interest of being iPad-friendly.
  • Our site is geared heavily toward freshmen this week since our reporting classes are just getting started.
  • The SMU Daily Mustang is a Web-only, student-run, multi-platform news site published by the Division of Journalism. We operate separately from the independent school paper, The Daily Campus, although we have been talking with the paper about collaborating more closely.

Here’s a screenshot of the new design:


Here’s a screenshot of the old design:


Both designs are based upon the Revolution News theme for WordPress, but Batsell said:

The “old” Daily Mustang pretty much stuck to the WordPress Revolution News template that we started the site with. The redesigned site incorporates some of those elements, but the students wanted to make the new site more lively and interactive while somehow improving the clarity of design. Our traffic has gone up since the redesign — in part, I think, because the homepage now features more story links in a more succinct form.

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