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Redesigns 2010: Student Press Law Center


Okay, so it’s not technically a student media site, but the SPLC does a lot of good for high school and college media outlets. On Aug. 25, they unveiled a new version of their website:

Frank LoMonte, in an e-mail to CMA’s listserv, listed some new features:

Just some of the many new features on the site include:

  • “Learning from the Headlines” lesson plans tailored to stimulate class discussion about recent law-related news events.
  • “Ask Adam” videos on, featuring the lovely and talented Adam Goldstein taking questions from student journalists about their most problematic legal issues (if you send us one and we use it, we’ll send you a T-shirt).
  • A new “Get Involved” section that includes a talking-points primer about the work of SPLC, for those interested in representing the SPLC as surrogate speakers, plus public-service “house ads” and a website badge to show the world your support for student press rights.