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Curated Links for 8-19-10

linksDo you have *your* parking pass yet? Start of a new semester. Here are some links from around the Web to stuff I’ve been reading. In no particular order, and with some non-journospecific goodness.

Choose Your Multimedia Tools Strategically: Story is Still King, Marc Cooper: “New multimedia tools, now reproducing themselves exponentially, provide reporters and editors with sometimes awe-inspiring ways to tell our stories. Learning to master these tools and when to choose them, however, can be as important as which tool a surgeon requests for a certain procedure in the compressed atmosphere of an OR.
Selecting the wrong application for your need, or innovating for the sake of innovation itself, can be as big a mistake as ignoring these tools to better tell your story.” Yep.

Journalism Warning Labels, Tom Scott: Humorous, but true. (via Doug Fisher).

A fresh look at reporting skills, Mindy McAdams: asking the question: what skills should a reporter know?

Matt Thompson at the Argo Project: A quality series of posts like “A blogger’s morning ritual: 5 points to keep in mind,” and “A quick tip on hyperlinks.” Peruse the whole series.

Master the Art of Low-Effort Cooking, lifehacker: Who knew a rice cooker could be so useful? Apparently, Roger Ebert.

Catharsis, David McRaney: Apparently, blowing up and venting your frustrations will not help you relieve stress, but actually makes behavior worse over time. Perhaps something to keep in mind in the newsroom. (via Lifehacker).

The Web is Dead, Long Live the Internet, Chris Anderson: Wired’s editor and Michael Wolff troll for page views on a Web site and in a dead-tree magazine. Oh, irony.

60 ways to increase your influence online, Sam Rosen: Advice from some pretty well-known online types.