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Daily Tar Heel moves to new CMS – again

The Daily Tar Heel at UNC-Chapel Hill has moved to a new content management system for the second time in as many years. After moving to a custom-built system based on Drupal last summer, they have moved to Gryphon by Detroit Softworks (mentioned in a post about new CMS options for college media earlier this summer).

Here’s a screenshot of the new site:


In addition to changing the back end of the site, they updated their nameplate as well (getting rid of the tired newspaper cliched olde English style). Here’s a screenshot of the site from last summer:


I have never been a fan of Drupal as a newspaper CMS. It just seems too complicated. Hopefully the DTH will have success with their new system. Changing CMS’s is always a time-intensive endeavor. To move twice in two years had to soak up a lot of hours that could be spent on other productive uses.

This is one of the reasons we’ve been slow to move at the Daily Eastern News.