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iPhone 4 HD video short

“Apple of My Eye” – an iPhone 4 film from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

via localnewser, a short HD video produced entirely with the iPhone 4. I’ve spoken to a couple of photographers who have used the new iPhone, and they say the video quality is incredible. Localnewser comments:

Check out the film. And think about the inevitability of one man bands working with small devices that capture HD video, sound, and can edit…and transmit the final product. And with Face Time, you can even go live and pitch to the package you fed in. Brand new world, folks.

I wouldn’t call this a “brand new world.” Many people have been live broadcasting using small cameras connected to laptops and wifi cards (or cell network cards) for a while now. The fact that it’s in a smaller package does make the iPhone a good tool for a new media journalist. The lock-in to AT&T’s network is major suckage, though.

I suspect other cell phone producers will up their phone video capabilities in the near future, however, meaning those who don’t have good AT&T coverage in their area will be able to do similar things with smartphones.