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Site matters: new plug-ins added

I’ve added three new plug-ins to the site based on some browsing through the CoPress WordPress plug-in wiki page recommendations. I hope these plug-ins will add to the usability of the site. Please leave a comment or send me some feedback if you like or dislike them.

[DDET (Click to expand text)]
Expanding Text: This is a plug-in that uses Javascript to hide certain content on the front page, and allow you to click and show the content if you want to read the full content of the post. The key here is that the plug-in expands the post on the front page, so the browser doesn’t have to load a whole new page with the full text of the post.

Print Friendly: This plug-in allows you to reformat the text in a format that doesn’t waste paper when you want to print out a blog post for future reference or handouts or whatever. Often, when I print out a blog post on someone’s blog, the header, footer and sidebars get printed as well as the actual content. This wastes paper with stuff you don’t need or want in the printed version. The button is at the bottom of the post.

Twitter Tools: I’m trying this one out to see how it works. This is supposed to integrate Twitter into your admin area of a WordPress site, so Twitter will be updated when you publish new content. It also shortens URLs using, adds hashtags, and excludes categories.

Finally, just a reminder: At the bottom of each post is this button:


This button allows you to suggest edits, grammar and spelling corrections to the post author using Editz (formerly known as GooseGrade). Feel free to use it if I make a mistake. I will regret the error. 🙂