industry news makes interactive maps easier

Have you ever wanted to make an interactive graphic but not had the time or experience to use flash to make it? Well, Pininthemap offer s quick way to map interactive maps.

Pininthemap uses Google Maps technology to deliver a versatile map to the user. With Pininthemap’s free service, the user can add a few free pins. For extra pins and the ability to export, users must pay a low cost of $1.

Along with using Google Maps, the service enables the user to add pins to certain locations and add information about the location. When a viewer clicks on the pin, the information is shown in a white call out box, just as is done with Google maps.

A sample map made on Pininthemap

A sample map made on Pininthemap

The service also offers the ability to embed the map via HTML, allowing the interactive maps to be posted into Word Press stories. The export features also allows you to export the map as a XML file, for a more secure way posting into hard HTML pages.

This service can be very useful for college media outlets, especially for campus crime reports in showing where crimes took place over the week or month. There are tons of stories that this technology can be used for.

The one downfall that Pininthemap has is the inability to type an address in. The service does offer a field to type in a Google Maps link or zip code, but for precision and ease of use, it would be simpler to type the address into the field.

Still, the applications of this technology are nearly limitless. While the map may not be as versatile as a flash interactive graphic, or even an HTML 5 interactive graphic, the click-and-go functionality makes it easy for any reporter to throw together a quick info graphic.