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TubeMogul offers new advertising technology

With growing dissatisfaction for current video advertising, Play Time intends to keep their customers out of the dark by providing information that current advertising companies are not providing.

The service will also work much like Google AdSense. Rather than companies paying a standard rate for commercials, Play Time has the customer pay by the view of the video.
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The advertising technology will also target viewer preferences, much like Facebook ads, to maximize the ads impact on the viewer. TubeMogul claims to collect a wealth of data for analysis with users and videos. The technology seems to aggregate this data and deliver it to the advertisers.

The patent-pending technology (Mass Audience Segmentation Technology) is the first technology to target viewers on the “per-stream level.”

As of April 8, Play Time currently has 25 major advertisers signed onto the program.

A press release stated that, “for the first time, advertisers will have access to real-time reporting on which sites are delivering views and in what volume, how long viewers watch before clicking away, the number of social actions.”

How does this affect college media? In the short term, not very much. Play Time seems to be targeting specifically larger companies to advertise with, citing that most of their employees came from larger networks like and Comedy Central.

In the long run, perhaps Play Time will offer this service more extensively to local advertisers.

To date, Play Time does not offer a profit-sharing ability, but perhaps this is another feature they can add to maximize the service’s popularity among college media websites.

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