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TubeMogul simplifies video uploading to multiple sites

Tubemogul, a video hosting site, is a simplified way to publish your site’s videos online.

Unlike other video hosting sites, TubeMogul connects several video hosting sites to it, allowing editors to publish videos to several sites at once — including YouTube.

TubeMogul is easy enough to use as any other video hosting site and utilizes the same features. You can tag, describe, title, and categorize content, and all this information is published on the respective sites.

The most cumbersome feature of TubeMogul is that you must first set up accounts on the other video hosting sites. Setting up these accounts could take hours, but the time TubeMogul saves by uploading to each one of these easily makes up for that fact.

Screenshot from the upload process on TubeMogul

Screenshot from the upload process on TubeMogul

The advantage to uploading to several video hosting sites is that your video will appear more often in search engine results. This also relies on how you tag your video, but the more places your video is, the greater your site’s content reach on the Internet.

Speaking of reaching out, what better way to notify readers of your recent video post than posting it on Twitter or Facebook? Luckily, one of TubeMogul’s features allows you to instantly post and update two of your favorite social networking sites.

Another useful feature of TubeMogul is the video tracking and statistics about your video. With the ability to pull in statistics from several sites, TubeMogul easily provides the most detailed analysis of your videos.

To receive all the features of TubeMogul, users must setup a premium Gold account. These features can be found here.

The most prominent feature that your website would want to pay for is the ability to upload files over 300 Megabytes. Also, premium accounts give you the ability to upload more than 100 files per month.

TubeMogul is no doubt a powerful tool for online publications, a true time saver when it comes to video uploading and a wonderful way to analyze you data.