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Community input: What do you think the future holds for journalism?


As I mentioned in the previous post, this Wednesday I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on “The Future of Journalism.”

Panelists include: Will Sullivan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch/STLToday, John Foreman, publisher of the News-Gazette of Champaign-Urbana, Ill. and Nancy Foreman, executive producer at WCIA-TV3 in Champaign. Jeff Lynch, interim dean of the EIU College of Arts and Humanities will moderate.

I have some thoughts that I’m gathering for the discussion, but I’m curious about what you, faithful readers, think the future holds for journalism. You can add your thoughts in the comments, via Twitter to @CICM, or via e-mail to scmurley -at- gmail.com and I’ll add your 2 cents to the discussion.

This is sort of an experiment in showing some of how social media can affect the journalism of the future. We will obviously be touching on the economic outlook, advertising, employment prospects, and new forms of media.

Foreman wrote an opinion piece about the death of newspapers that is worth reading for some background.