Video example from

I came across this story from the Boston Globe about an MIT student whos inventing a new type of wheelchair that is more usable in less wheelchair-accessible areas. The story itself is inspiring, the interactive graphic is interesting, but the video really tells the story of how it works, and illustrates some of the advantages of Internet-based video.

Students working with online video, note:

  • It’s short (1:44 minus title slide)
  • It’s told entirely by the subject of the story
  • It presents a single topic
  • There is a lot of b-roll footage (many close-ups)
  • The video matches the sound
  • It has a beginning, middle and end (i.e., explain the problem, how the solution was arrived at, demonstrate the solution)

There are lots of potential stories on your campus that could benefit from just this type of “how it works” video.