Curated links for March 9, 2010


A few things that have popped up in my RSS feeds lately that might be of interest:

Research Dramatizes Changing Practices: The ever-inciteful Paul Gillin links to some interesting research about how social media is being used extensively by journalists in their reporting (even Wikipedia!). Lots of other substance in the post as well, so read the whole thing.

Can Informal, Explanatory Videos Increase Engagement on News Sites? – Steve Myers asks the pertinent question, and gives a good breakdown of the difference between a transactional visit and an exploratory one.

Wide Web of diversions gets laptops evicted from lecture halls – This is more a story to localize, but it’s interesting to me because our department recently started a laptop initiative for students.

The xplanation: I received an e-mail about this site yesterday. It covers education, technology and publishing. Looks interesting, and you should check it out.

BookRenter Opens Up Textbook Rentals to Campus Bookstores and Other Partners: Eastern uses a rental system for textbooks, instead of having students pay insanely high prices for texts they’ll return in 15 weeks. Perhaps this model will catch fire.

The need for a ‘digital media pyramid’: Benjamin Davis at OJR shares a new method used to explain how to report a story in the 21st century digital media age.