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CUP new media panel notes

cupnewspapersHere are some notes from the New Media panel at the Natural Selection CUP conference. The quotes that do not have identification next to them are mine. The other panelists were: Matthew Ingram, now of GigaOm, Jacques Poitras of the CBC, Matt Frehner of the Globe & Mail, and Jeffery Simpson, a freelance writer.

During the introductions, I moved that we kill the term “new media,” since it’s really not that new. The panel and audience agreed. Yet we talked about “new media” the whole time. Maybe next year.

What can new media learn from traditional media?

Verification and editing can help.

Ingram: New media can learn from traditional media to do those things. Esp. retweets can be a challenge (ex. Steve Jobs heart attack)

Q. Student journalists trying to establish newspaper brands, recommendations for student newspapers?

Ingram: power of social media is very personal. The more personal your twitter, facebook, whatever, the more impact it’s going to have. Individuals within your organization who can carry off a brand, they can be a trailblazer. Their positive feedback will rub off on your organization.

Poitras: create twitter accounts with name of reporter and name of paper, so the reporter is reminded of their ethical, other obligations when posting to twitter. (For Poitras) the Twitter account is professional – work only. Facebook is only for personal things.

Simpson: Make sure to have a way to get your content, things that go away – Think about how to get your content off of a service if it goes away. Keep a backup.

Q. Very difficult to figure out what’s going to need to be on mobile devices.

Poitras: learn to put audio – podcasts – because people will always be listening

Ingram: If you want to be successful, you need to be a personal brand.

simpson: The internet is very confusing for old people – if your name is your web site, your mother can find it.

Q. What are some negative aspects of social media?

Poitras: checking out internet rumors, more information, I’m sifting through it so you don’t have to.

Ingram: evelop better filters for yourself as to what are quality sources.

Simpson: Negatives about the internet – a lot more people writing for free. It’s hard to compete with free when you’re doing this for money and not just because you like video games. You’re expected to write a lot more than just what they’re paying you for. You need to produce all this additional content, but you’re not getting paid for it. You’re competing with people who don’t get paid.

Q. How do you manage your time?

Poitras: Twitter takes just a few seconds.

I pointed out that the time that it takes to work on these different formats is greatly reduced from what it was even a few years ago. Editing video, audio, twittering, etc. still take time, but not nearly as much as when you had to actually cut tape.

There was a great deal more to the discussion, and as is usually the case, about halfway in, I became much more interested in what was being said, and promptly forgot about my notes. I’ll look around for others who were in the room and provide links as able.