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10 blog links for the new year

studentmediaI hate writing numbered list posts (despite the advice from blog experts that people like to read them), but to help get back into the swing of a new semester, here are some links that have come through the RSS reader recently, curated for your enjoyment:

  • Eight things your college newsroom needs to change (if it hasn’t already) – Brian Manzullo posts a list of some mindset disruptions that need to occur in college newsrooms. Longtime readers will recognize a number of these from past blog posts (link to outside sources, staff comments, web-first mentality). But it’s always good to see a new generation raising the change flag high. There are some non-web-specific mindsets listed as well. (via Dan Reimold)
  • On a related note, John Thompson posits Ten things every journalist should know in 2010 – Again, many are rephrased ideas that have been pounding at the shores of journalism’s fortress for several years now. But I think I’ll be passing this out in classes. (via John Robinson, see below)
  • And Judy Sims reminds us of 7 New Years Resolutions News Execs Should be Making in 2010 – All of these are not related to college media, but several of them are, including using the web to become a complete community connection for your school and creating “verticals” (gad, I hate that word). Check them out and ferret out the application for your campus publication/media outlet.
  • And, for more of those 2010 predictions, Martin Langeveld proves the capable aggregator and curator with A roundup of media predictions for 2010. My prediction: 2010 will not be like 2009.
  • Thoughts about video editing software – Mindy McAdams provides a run-down of some of the video editing software that dominates journalism training. I will say that iMovie ’09 has brought back ease-of-editing to cutaways, which means we may be using it in our newsroom (if not classes) this spring).
  • Also video-related, Creating and integrating video in your college newsroom – Lauren Rabaino and William P. Davis at the CoPress Blog have an excellent roundup that does just what the title says. I would add that you would do better to get a higher quality tripod.
  • WooHoo! Journalists are no. 184! – Newspaper reporters were ranked 184 out of 200 best and worst jobs of 2010 according to Stevadore was the worst. You can view the rest of the carnage here.
  • John Robinson on the value of Twitter – Robinson links to David Carr of the New York Times. I will be talking about Twitter and other social media outlets next week at the Canadian University Press Conference in Edmonton (brrr).
  • And happy belated blog-birthday to Paul Conley, one of the true iconoclasts of journalism.
The big rumors lately have been about the Apple Tablet device. I’m interested to see what comes out. Over the last few student conferences I’ve attended, I’ve seen more and more iPhones and iPod Touches in the hands of students. Depending on the price point, it’s difficult to see this product taking the place of the iPhone in the hands of college students. But I’m not making a prediction.