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iPhone apps for college media


Last week, I noticed via twitter (@danielbachhuber) that the Daily Tar Heel had launched an iPhone app, developed with Amuzu, Inc. Going to the link, I noticed that the Daily Illini and the Daily Sundial at Cal State-Northridge had also worked with Amuzu to develop their iPhone apps. (all those links are to the iTunes store, which I believe will only work if you have iTunes on your computer)

Because they are all created by the same developement company, the first screen (see in the screenshots below) looks very similar, except they each have some different applications enabled. For instance, the DTH has a drink specials guide (which they must be selling, I’m checking on this).

I’m currently searching for other college media who have iphone apps (Rice’s KTRU has an “unofficial” app that streams their Internet radio feed), and might create a spreadsheet for them if there’s enough interest.

Here are a few others I found:

(all developed by Genwi, LLC.)

Stanford Daily

BYU Universe

Daily Californian

ASU State Press