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CP's College Media Network Re-Launches As Aggregator

Web hosting service College Publisher recently re-revamped its Web site as a content aggregator for CP’s vast network of college newspapers.

Rusty Lewis, College Media Network director, said after the company launched a new business-to-business site a year ago,, CMN’s Web site was free to showcase “what the network of newspaper Web sites produced.”

Lewis said the company noticed the lack of a major site aggregating content from college news organizations.

Lewis said the beta site has three primary functions:

1. Bridge sites on the CP network

Users can click on the network brand in the top from any CP site and very easily find related content from other school papers. From a search-bot or spider standpoint, this page is a shared resource for all network sites.

2.  Provide a doorway to the college student’s perspective

Since the site automatically creates groups of content by assigning tags to articles, users of the site can very easily gather information about movie reviews, H1N1, Obama or NCAA, etc.

3. A social network

Visitors to can share content, comment or add stories to their Facebook accounts using Facebook content. This is all done on a network level. The site exposes the true value of being one of the many sites using College Publisher, benefiting both our readers and publisher.

Lewis said he doesn’t foresee the site, which refreshes hourly and is available on mobile devices including iPhone, iTouch and Blackberry, coming out of the beta phase during the 2009-2010 academic year.