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College media bowl coverage list

bcsThe semester is winding down, but for college media staffs who cover football teams that are invited to bowl games, the work has only just begun.

That’s right, college football’s major conferences continue with their bogus championship series, meaning another round of endless controversy because apparently the biggest colleges in the country can’t figure out how to have a playoff like every other sport in collegiate athletics (or they’re just greedy, I’ll let you guess which). /rant

So while the BCS commissioners and advisers and whoever else is involved in that train-wreck continue their FAIL at gaining the disapproval of around 90 percent of college football fans, college journalists will continue covering their teams over the winter break.

To help you follow the action, I’ve been assembling a spreadsheet of college news outlets that are providing coverage of their teams’ efforts. I’m embedding the spreadsheet below the jump.

A few notes of interest:

  • Texas had the most schools (6), Florida had 5, and California and Ohio had 4 each (unless UCLA plays in the EagleBank bowl, which, according to the BCS web site, will be decided Dec. 12).
  • Thirty-five states are respresented in bowl games this year, which is three more than were represented last time I made this list.
  • Watch for how many schools have a dedicated place for coverage on their web site. This was something I lamented in 2007, so I’ll be interested in seeing if more have a dedicated landing page.
  • Also, how many will have multimedia or interactive graphics? Social media updates? I’m going to be watching for variety of coverage as well as presence of coverage.

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