InsideVandy basketball previews


via Twitter, @katherinemiller points to a couple of basketball season previews from InsideVandy that are worth noting for their multimedia prowess. Check out the men’s and women’s previews. If you click on a player’s photo, you get an audio breakdown of the player’s strengths, along with a breakout box of pertinent stats. The design is clean, the navigation simple, and the topic worth the effort.

playerA couple of minor issues: if you click on the players, you get audio that starts automatically, which is kind of annoying. Better to let the user decide to click the play button and hear the audio (see my rant about ESPN’s annoying auto-play here).

Also, there’s no advertising on the page. I would think this would be the type of multimedia project that would be relatively easy to sell to an advertiser. So why no ads? With revenue streams so important, the news side and the ad side need to work together more closely on big multimedia projects like this to maximize the revenue potential.

Also, there are no credits on the page. I know from talking to Chris Carroll that at least four students (including Katherine Miller) worked on the project. It would be nice to see their names somewhere on the page to give them credit, especially as they start looking for jobs in the future.

Still, a good example for others to look at and learn from for future seasonal sports previews. Any other examples you’d care to share? Drop a link in the comments.