Links from Amy Webb's session at ONA 09

This post is a round-up of links to the sites Amy Webb mentioned in her session at ONA. I’m updating it as the links come along. This is a session about “10 tech trends.” The numbered items are the trends. She then mentions certain web sites or apps for the iPhone.

1. Real Time Web

Livestation – live tv stations (UK only right now).

Flock – social media web browser.

SamePoint – social media real time search.

SocialMention — social media real time search – 4-second video updates.


2. Light blogging

Tumblr – “light blogging” platform

Posterous – “light blogging. send updates via e-mail.”

3. Personalization

Pandora – music suggestion engine.

Bing – MS search engine.




CustomTimes – NYT customized application.

Interactive TV (iTV), Widgets

Set-top TV boxes with ability to use widgets built-in.

5. Identity Recognition

Midomi – music recognition software

Picasa – 3.5 update allows you to batch recognize people in your photos. – recognition of photos without you identifying them. Creepy.

6. Augmented reality

living sasquatch – 3d example of augmented reality.

Yelp Monocle for iPhone

Wikitude – sends info to your iPhone using wikipedia content for the place you are in.


Robotvision – Augmented reality using Bing search.

7. User-Generated Sensor Data

8. MobiLife

#9: Geolocation 3.0

#10: The Internet of Things

Amy ran out of time, but provided a convenient page with all of the links listed above and more. Click here.

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