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Previously announced results are viewable here. There are still two categories to be announced, hopefully this week.

Judges were allowed to choose as many winning entries as they wished, and they could provide comments or not. I would encourage everyone to read through the comments, because there is some good advice in there for college journalists.

Thanks to all who entered, and thanks to the judges who participated as well. And congratulations to the winners.

Multimedia Journalist of the Year

Stephen Peters, The Shorthorn, University of Texas-Arlington
Comments: Stephen has demonstrated a commitment to and excellence in a wide variety of media such as podcasts, video and traditional text. The combination of approaches elevates his sports reporting and is the essence of multimedia journalism.

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Runner-up: Catherine Cheney, Yale Daily News

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Best Overall Multimedia
General Comments: Lots of content by lack of comments indicates that social media should be used more prominently. Don’t just rely on comments alone. Let users post to Facebook and other sites.

Top picks in order:
1. Mustang Daily, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
Great use of social media tools, clean layout, easy to navigate.

2. Daily Eastern News, Eastern Illinois University
Lots of content – easy to find. Excellent use of multimedia channels.

3. Mason Votes, George Mason University
Smart, clean layout. Not the best tag cloud (WordPress plugin, it looks like?) – hard to click on tags. Showing random XHTML code in some entries.