Reimold moves to the big leagues


Dan Riemold, formerly of College Media Matters, is now blogging at College Media Beat, a UWire project. Dan’s focus isn’t changing, just his URL. From his first blog post at the new joint:

Yes, you read that right. The generation supposedly tuned out and turned off by all things real world, serious and especially ink-stained are regularly reading, watching, listening to, interacting with, supporting and starting up more news outlets than ever before, online and in print.


Because the student press is keenly adapting with its audience, not lagging behind them. They are employing a new media sense with a journalistic sensibility that the professional press can only gaze upon with envy and wonder.  SMOs (student media organizations) and individual student journalists have proven much more adaptable to quick structural change than their professional counterparts, refusing to allow staff hierarchy, old media traditions or different new media knowledge or skill-sets block the path toward the realization of the media utopia of tomorrow. Journalism is the better for it, and so are we.

This blog aims to tell their story, as much as possible in their own words.

Stop by and say hello, and watch the beat go on. I’m a little bit swamped right now, but don’t forget the CICM internship. Deadline is Oct. 1 for applications.