More redesigns: IDS, Advance-Titan

More on the redesign front:


The Indiana Daily Student has been updating their look this year. Adviser Melinda Aston says:

The IDS web site launched a preliminary redesign in February. We added more new stuff over the summer and launched them for the start of the fall semester. New updates include multimedia section, feature browse tool on front page, events calendar (Happenings), restaurant directory (Dining), classifieds sections rebuilt using the new styles. We’ve improved our integration of our blog and related content and are feeding the editors’ twitter content to the site.


We also worked all summer on a new site for our INSIDE magazine. It is a quarterly magazine with weekly online updates. It was published online as a flat html site, then in a Word Press blog template. The students redesigned it and we have migrated it over to use our main content management system. They update the main feature on the front page every few days to keep the content fresh between publications. They are still building the About the Magazine page.


The Advance-Titan at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh updated with College Publisher 5 this semester (thanks to adviser Vince Filak for the tip). I don’t know if all of their photos are going to be as large as the one in the screen cap, but I have to say that’s the biggest dominant art I’ve seen of any of the redesigns I’ve looked at this semester.

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