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CollegeJourn tackles global reporting project with focus on health


The CollegeJourn web site (purveyors of the #CollegeJourn chats) have decided to tackle a story through international networking. The story: health care.

Suzanne Yada writes:

This is a global collaborative reporting project on health. Choose one of two assignments: For news, the question is “How does health care on my campus compare to others around the world?” This project will be data-driven and will require digging up statistics so we can compare different locations accurately. The features assignment is “What does health mean in my area?” This is an excellent opportunity for reporters to do something creative and informative with features and multimedia.
The reports are scheduled to be collected by December and they hope the reporting gets published in local campus newspapers as well. Why are they doing it?
The project was created by journalism students with journalism students in mind, to get our feet wet with collaboration, information, international reporting, data and multimedia, while producing news and information relevant to a university-based audience. The CollegeJourn students responsible for this idea meet in a chatroom every Sunday, 8 pm BST/3 pm EDT/noon PDT, at (Blame us.)
Go read the entire post, as it has many more details, like some sign-up information. Great idea and I look forward to seeing how it works out.