More redesigns: Diamondback, InsideVandy, Mason Votes and the Gargoyle

Reminder: If your college media outlet redesigned its web site this summer, e-mail me at scmurley, or drop a comment below to be included in this series. (Previous posts here, here, and here)

The Diamondback at the University of Maryland updated their site design this summer as well. It went live Monday. (via @krobilla on Twitter)

Katherine Miller notes the changes at InsideVandy (Vanderbilt University) this summer:

At Vandy, … we stayed on Drupal and redesigned with and the Daily Illini in mind. We’re rolling out several other big projects (a Nashville city guide to launch with 65 sites next month based) and plan on some minor to significant cosmetic updates to capabilities throughout this semester (like making video and images a bigger priority on the front page).

Aram Zucker-Scharff sends note that Mason Votes – the political outlet at George Mason University has undergone a facelift.

Brian Thompson, adviser at Flagler College, sends along some details about the Gargoyle’s redesign this summer, and additional changes in the newsroom workflow (the Gargoyle was an early adopter of WordPress among college news publications).

We did a redesign this summer, which freshened the look of our WordPress site and allowed us to streamline a bit (it was starting to look like a classified section). We’re looking to do a whole lot more with the site going forward, but it’s up and running, which is the most important thing.
We’re going to make a much bigger push online, as we’re reducing our print editions (we only print 5 a semester as it is, but while we’re not reducing the frequency, we’re cutting the issue sizes in half and going tabloid from broadsheet.) The idea is to do a 180-shift from before where everything was focused on print (and then we jammed it all online) to thinking and doing everything on the Web first, then choosing the best of the Web to run in print.
We’ll use the print editions to to tease and promote the additional online material we’re doing. We’re also going to be working with a student-run PR agency on campus to help us promote and market these efforts.
We’re kind of a small operation, but we’re hoping to still do some pretty cool things this semester, and finally have managed to break the print-first mentality with some students who are really excited about jumping headfirst into this new world … even if we feel sometimes like we’re crawling around in the dark.

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