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New software link dump

I come across new software that might be of use to college media outlets all the time. Most of them end up in the reinventing delicious account. Here are a few recent finds that might pique your interest:

Produle: This is an online Flash-based widget builder, sort of like Sproutbuilder. Also like Sproutbuilder, there are a variety of cost options. The free plan lets you have three widgets and 10MB of storage. You can’t track the use of the widgets, though, which is a little disappointing. The lowest-priced $$ plan costs $19/mo. for 15 widgets and does allow tracking. That’s $240/year, which might be within your budget if you don’t have any Flash whiz students on your staff. (thanks to @triptych on Twitter)

Jing: Jing is from the same company that produces Camtasia Studio and SnagIt, so it’s sort of a hybrid screenshot/screencapture tool that lets you share what you’re working on with others over the internet immediately. The free version records in swf video, while the “pro” version ($14.95/year) allows for mpeg-4 format and webcam recording, among other things. (thanks to @manfull on Twitter)

Blogo: Blogo is a Mac-only desktop blogging client, not unlike MarsEdit. The advantage of desktop blogging clients is that you can write blog posts when you’re not connected to the Internet, and – unlike using a text editor – desktop blogging clients have a similar interface to an actual blogging admin area. Blogo has drag and drop image editing and some other cool features. It saves drafts to your web server, which is also nice, and it will schedule posts in advance. If you like it, it’ll cost $25 after the demo period. I’ve been trying it out for the past couple of weeks and it works quite well so far.

logo_yugmaYugma: From the web site: “Yugma free web conferencing allows anyone, anywhere to instantly share their desktop and ideas online with others.” I found out about this software from Dr. James Danowski at the University of Chicago-Illinois, who shared his desktop to show me how to use a software program called Wordij. There is also a pro version.

gooseGrade: gooseGrade is a service that lets you copy edit any page on the web. If a web site owner has the gooseGrade widget installed, a gooseGrade user can highlight text that contains an error and add an edit to the text. This edit will then appear in the admin area of the weblog, and the site owner can approve/disregard the edit. Recently, gooseGrade opened up the system so you can copy edit any page on the web. The edits will show up in the gooseGrade system. This would be a good tool to implement to try to help your staff copy edit online stories after they are online. You don’t have to have a weblog system to use gooseGrade, but you’ll have to do the edits manually.