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SEC climbs down from teh stupid?

Jack Lail points out that the SEC is “rethinking” their lame policy mentioned in this earlier post. Jack points to a bunch of the blowback the SEC has received from fans and Internet-savvy folks.

The SEC posted the following on their Twitter feed (ironic, isn’t it?):

To our Twitter fans, we have heard you. We’re working on clarifications to our policy and should have something done soon.

Just so we’re clear, this was the “draft” policy:

Ticketed fans can’t “produce or disseminate (or aid in producing or
disseminating) any material or information about the Event, including,
but not limited to, any account, description, picture, video, audio,
reproduction or other information concerning the Event … .”

The best “clarification” I can think of would be the following:

We sincerely apologize to our fans for not getting the fact that paying customers who help promote our events are in our best interests as an institution supposedly promoting scholar-athletes. This policy has been deleted.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, since Div. 1 football without a real national championship is pretty lame anyway, but the principle stands: fans pay to support your teams. they “disseminate” information about games because they care. Trying to police their ability to talk to their friends during a game, or save a video of their experience to the web, or twitter their experiences to their followers is just a lesson in wrong.