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About that Romulan space ship

RomulanImage via Wikipedia

This weekend, I saw the latest “Star Trek” movie. (slow-loading flash site – you have been warned)

It’s a good sci-fi movie, and a worthwhile “prequel” to the “Star Trek” franchise (I’m not a “Trekkie,” so keep that in mind). Today, I tried to find an image that sort of encapsulated what I thought about the state of the news industry’s hand-wringing about the Internet, and I couldn’t find the image. So I’ll just have to put the analogy into words:

Internet = Nero’s Romulan Mining Vessel.

Newspapers = USS Kelvin.

If you haven’t seen the movie, there’s your invitation to check it out.

I do not think the vast Internet has the same malicious intent that Nero had in the film, but the sheer mass and futuristic outlook of the Internet seems to dwarf whatever tiny countermeasures newspaper industry executives make against it. Maybe that will change.

Where’s Capt. Kirk when we need him?

I have no great deep thoughts here, but I just wanted to throw that out for discussion.

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