College Media

Budgeting your news organization for online tools

Now that we’ve hit spring, most student media outlets are likely outlining their budgets for the upcoming school year. While most of the best online tools are free there are a few services worth paying for:


If your student media doesn’t have a copy of Soundslides yet, let this be the year. Whether you’re a newspaper, news site, magazine, yearbook, radio station, etc., audio slideshows can be an effective tool and an easy means of creating quality multimedia.

Price: $35.95 standard, $65.95 pro

Flickr Pro

If you’re using Flickr as your archive and photo-sharing system, the free account probably won’t be enough to sustain your demands. A free account only lets you upload 100 MB of photos each month, and with full-size photos off an SLR, that storage can fill up with one batch of uploads.

Price: $24.95/year

What you get: Unlimited photo uploads, unlimited video uploads (90 seconds max), HD video, view statistics

Vimeo Plus

For unlimited video uploads and HD capabilities, Vimeo is the best option. I only suggest Vimeo over YouTube because YouTube limits video duration to 10 minutes, which is inconvenient if you’re uploading a lengthy video from an event you live streamed, for example.

Price:  $59.95/year

What you get: 5 GB a week (free account is only 500 mb), priority uploading (convenient for breaking news), unlimited HD uploading/embedding

Year-long shopping cart total:  $120.85 (or $180.95 if you buy Soundslides Plus). Combine these tools with the countless free tools available (Google Maps, Facebook, Vuvox, Issuu, Twitter, CoverItLive, UStream etc.) and you’re looking at a cost effective, multimedia-driven site.

If you have any other suggestions for services worth paying for, let us know and we’ll add to the list.