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An ultimate(?) online journalism list

UPDATED AGAIN: Added a few from comments, and reorganized Twitter higher up the list.

Okay, so this has probably been attempted before, but I’m working through some notes for upcoming conferences, and just wanted to post this list here for additions and comments. Here’s what I’ve got so far as far as potential areas for online additions to your college media web site. Anything I’m missing? It’s sort of built from simplest to more complex. Ideas?

  • Hyperlinks
  • Comments
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Forums (via Joey Baker)
  • Ning Social Network (via Will Sommers)
  • Facebook Connect (via Joey Baker)
  • “Share This” links (via Joey Baker)
  • source documents
  • Wiki
  • audio
  • audio slideshows
  • photo gallery
  • video story
  • calculator
  • timeline
  • map
  • liveblog
  • live stream video
  • searchable database
  • interactive panorama
  • Interactive game
  • Video comments
  • Second Life presentation