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More Fridays going

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 UPDATE: CollegeRag reports that BSU’s Daily News will also cease Friday publication soon and cut circulation by 4,000. The news hasn’t shown up on the DN web site yet. I’ll link when it does. Oh, and how did I miss this from the California Aggie.

Via Dan Reimold, note that Boston U.’s Daily Free Press will stop printing an edition on Fridays.

The editors say the move is “temporary.”

Also, the Washington Square News is looking at a proposal to drop Friday publication as well.

At WSN, there are other cuts taking place:

The changes, which have not yet been brought to the board for an official vote, would also call for publishing magazines online-only and canceling summer issues. While no staff reductions would take place, editors’ stipends will decrease 23 percent regardless of the board’s decision. Smith said there was a “pretty good possibility” the proposal would pass as early as Wednesday.

Reimold says the changes may benefit college journalists in the long run:

The who-cares content that has far too long frequented newspaper pages simply because there is space to fill or another day’s issue to put out is a thing of the past.  The Friday-less student press now has more of an opportunity to fill their remaining print issues each week with only the stories that matter most to its readers, leaving the crappier content out of print, as it belongs.

We’ll see. In my MediaShift article last month, I noted that there are a lot of college newspapers facing some big financial questions. And given the economic forecast for the next year to 18 months (it’s not pretty), my prediction is more of these announcements will come, probably in time for the fall semester.

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