There is no college football champion

Inside of Dolphin Stadium taken before the Dol...Image via Wikipedia Oklahoma and Florida are playing a football game tonight. But it’s really a meaningless game. It’s a sham, a lie, and something the NCAA should be ashamed of.

It’s not a “national championship” game. To call it that would be to do a disservice to those who have actually – you know -competed for a national championship. It is, instead, an example of how corrupt the sport of college football has always been (speaking of NCAA Divisian “1” football, and not the teams who actually compete for a national championship).

It’s a lie for anyone to keep calling this “game” that is happening on ESPN/ABC (Correction: FOX, ESPN/ABC gets the rights next year) a “championship. It’s a LIE. Shame on ESPN for perpetuating this sham for lots of money. I honestly don’t know who to root for. I wish Oklahoma would beat Florida, but I really wish they would tie, and both of these overrated teams would have to shut up.

You want a real national champion? Talk to the Bowl Championship Subdivision. At least those football teams can sleep at night as *real* champions.

In the meantime, I suggest we start calling Utah the real national champions, since they haven’t lost to anyone.

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