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Donate to ICM Blogging

PayPal Inc.Image via WikipediaI’ve vacillated on this topic numerous times, and I’ve finally taken the step of creating a PayPal Donate button at the top of the side bar you see at right. You can also access it via this link.

This is a labor of love, and will continue to be. I never expected – nor asked – to make a living from doing this.

There is the larger question of how much this service is worth to those of you read every day (or every so often).

Chris, Ralph and I have discussed the option of including ads on the site to help fund our efforts, but I think this is a more personal, more effective way of seeking donations. And plus, I don’t want to drop a bunch of ads on you on top of the other annoying ads you receive on every other web site.

So if you’re so inclined, even in this tough economic environment, drop a few coins in the collection plate.

These funds will go toward helping me maintain the editorial content of the blog and generate additional content.

And yes, this will be the only notice you’ll ever see.

Thanks for reading, and I am grateful to you for your continued attention.

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