CICM shop talk

Transparency and the CICM

I’ve preached a lot about transparency in the past, so here’s some transparency related to the CICM. I received a very cogent reminder tonight related to this, so I wanted everyone to know what’s up:

The Center for Innovation in College Media is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation. We exist in a post-office box, basically, at Vanderbilt Student Media. The Vanderbilt Student Media board of directors voted to create this organization, and they could – conceivably – decide we didn’t exist at their next meeting.

We have a bank account, and we have three directors – Chris Carroll, Ralph Braseth, and myself. I handle the editorial content and working with others (like CoPress), while Chris handles logistics (read “paying the bills”) and Ralph handles outreach (read “getting people to help support us”).

We’ve existed for two years, and in that time CICM hasn’t made a dime. We’ve paid instructors, room rental, and some travel expenses. I’ve made a few bucks here and there off of consulting fees, but CICM doesn’t get a kickback from that. We bought some equipment, but that’s our only capital expense.

Nobody is making any money off the CICM at present. If you want to know what we discuss when Chris, Ralph and I get together, it’s mostly this: “How can we keep doing this when nobody seems willing to pony up the dough to serve college media?”

I’m not writing this out of sympathy, but I want to throw it out there. I’ve put in too many hours for no money for anyone to suggest I’m getting rich off this web site. I do it because I love college media. I want students to succeed. And I want them to be prepared for the future.

So ask a question. I’ll answer it as best I can. I may not have the full answer, but I promise I’ll get it. I have nothing to hide, and that, my friends, is transparency.