Consulting Q&A

students2012 UPDATE

Here’s the official CICM consulting Q&A:

What’s included in a CICM workshop?

Up to two days of multimedia training featuring yours truly. It’s difficult to say exactly what is included, because I tailor each workshop to the college media organization who wants the training. Usually, it includes a general overview, training in audio gathering and editing, video gathering and editing, and other web tools.

For instance, the Pitt News crew spent all morning Saturday talking about ideas for increasing their web presence. The BGSU students spent Saturday editing video and audio packages. That’s one of the neat things about this system, is that I work with you to develop what you feel like you need the most.

When do you do this?

Training usually occurs on a Friday-Saturday schedule – all day Friday and a half-day Saturday (although the timing is flexible). I travel on Thursday afternoon/evening, and leave on Saturday evening/Sunday morning (depending on flight schedules/rental car).

What kind of equipment do we need?

I usually bring a video camera and an audio recorder. I have loaded on my laptop Garageband, Audacity, and iMovie. Most of the time, schools have a few extra cameras and audio recorders to contribute to help students get hands-on training. If not, I bring some audio and video clips for them to work with. I do need an overhead projector and an Internet connection.

What other training can you offer?

Multimedia has become much less of a need over the past couple of years since we started. Other areas of coverage include social media, web tools, digital-first publishing. Anything related to the world of Internet journalism, really.

How much does it cost?

My “honorarium/fee” is $1,000, plus travel and lodging. Usually, that equates to less than $1,500 for two days of training.

Has this been done before?

Some of my past clients include (varying levels of hands-on training):

E-mail me at bryan.murley -at- for more information or contacts from these schools if you’d like recommendations.