showcase's battle of the bands sampler

battle of the bands I don’t normally spotlight the work of the students I advise at the Daily Eastern News, but I did want to highlight a recent project by Chris Essig, a former online editor and current assistant online editor.

Chris created a flash-based interface to listen to music from bands who entered the Verge (DEN’s entertainment section) Battle of the Bands. Not only can you listen to the music, but you can then vote in a poll (using Zoho’s poll creator). Around 1,000 students voted in the contest, and the top five bands will get to play in the Battle of the Bands competition.

I’ll give a shout out to Mindy McAdams, whose Flash Journalism (soon to be updated) was the tutorial Chris used to learn how to set up the site.

And this is a great idea for other school newspapers to use on their web sites. Local bands are much easier to get licensing permission from, and you don’t necessarily need a flash web site to highlight these bands.