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Hack the debate: Twitter plus

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 06:  Technicians make ...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeHere’s an interesting angle on the debate tonight at Belmont University in Nashville: Hack the Debate. I missed it the first two times around, but it might be easier to handle than CNN’s fever chart of undecided voters.

Current TV will broadcast the debate live and overlay debate-related Twitter messages in near-real time. For those TV-impaired folks like myself, the debate will also be broadcast on the Currentweb site.

In other debate-related news, both McCain and Obama have supported the release of video from the debate as public domain, available for remix and reuse, according to IP lawyer Lawrence Lessig. There still seems to be some question about whether the media will make the pool TV feed available, but claiming copyright over this type of thing is unAmerican. I could see CNN wanting to protect its rights over the fever chart idea, but the straight video feed shouldn’t be the property of any entity.

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