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Revolution going open source with WP themes

IMPORTANT UPDATE: FORGET THIS POST EVER EXISTED. Gardner is now charging for these themes and they are no longer available for free on the RevolutionTwo web site.

Via Christina Drain at Pensacola Junior College, I read that Brian Gardner, creator of the popular premium Revolution themes, is changing the model for Revolution as of Nov. 1. After that, all Revolution themes will be open-sourced. Those who purchased the earlier Revolution themes will have exclusive access to them.

There will be a new set of themes on that website, which like I said will be made available under the GPL license. There will be an option to purchase packages which include support, tutorials, access to customization and a few other things.

I do want to point out, as promised to users who’ve previously purchased the current Revolution themes, that there will be a section in the new support forum where we will continue to support those themes.

This should be an interesting development, and might push more college newspapers into the arms of WordPress.