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CMA upgrades web site

cma For those with an interest in college media advising, the College Media Advisers web site has been upgraded. The new site is run on Drupal, upgraded from Joomla, which I helped transition the site from a College Publisher site in 2005. Click below for the new features. Many of these features were discussed when we moved off CP, but we didn’t have the resources to add them until CMA hired Bill Neville part-time to do web site development. (via Neville to the CMA listserv)

The new features of the site include:

  • Member-controlled profiles so our members can update their contact information, upload a picture, set their own passwords, and renew their memberships.
  • A members-only section that eventually will provide access to the archives of College Media Review, Newsletters, out of print books, an online membership directory and other material.
  • A Learning Zone where members themselves can upload lesson plans, training materials, forms, presentations and other material that might be helpful to colleagues in a form that can be accessed through an online resource library.
  • An online Jobs Zone that includes a registration form for the student Job Fair and listing jobs of interest to college media advisers.
  • The ability to access, monitor and contribute to  the CMA discussion group (listserv) through the web site as an alternative way of joining the discussion forum.
  • A special work area for committee chairs and members.
  • Ultimately, members will be able to register for CMA conferences and workshops directly through the web site.

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