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College Media Matters launches

College Media Matters

Another blog has launched to follow college media news: College Media Matters. This one is run by Dan Reimold. Dan and I were on a panel at AEJMC last year in Washington, DC.

From the about page of the blog:

This site aims to tell the story of the modern college media. Specifically, CMM strives to provide the down-low on all influential, controversial, innovative, and newsworthy matters impacting contemporary college media, existing because they do MATTER and are not being talked about nearly enough.

Dan’s perspective is a bit different from the recently launched College Rag. So far, he’s produced longer-than-average blog posts about controversies in collegemediatopia (like the flair-up at the University of Nebraska between the student press and the administration), along with a few interviews – all from a post in Singapore!

With so many more people blogging about college media, should I be worried? I’m not. As I wrote in my 9 1/2 tips for blogging, it’s not a zero sum game.

(update: I can’t believe I didn’t put a title on this post)