Gary Hairlson of St. Louis Post-Dispatch on video

Notes from Gary Hairlson’s talk on video:

Action and emotion make for great multimedia

1 1/2 to 2 minutes video.

whether video or audio slideshow: depends on the amount of action. photographers decide on the scene. don’t send photographers out to do both. videos and framegrabs with high-def cameras. depends on how much time you have. audio slideshows can sometimes take just as much time as video.

Suzuki Method for video – you learn enough to get you through. you have to practice. if you don’t practice, you’re going to forget.

Video tips:

  1. Don’t pan and zoom
  2. Use a tripod
  3. Wide – Medium – Closeup – Extreme Closeup – shooting for mobile means a closeup is really like a medium.
  4. Shoot for 10 seconds
  5. Be quiet when you’re taping.
  6. Have an idea before you shoot.
  7. Look for a beginning and an end. sometimes you shoot the “end” at the beginning of the shoot. If you can shoot the beginning and end, the rest is a breeze.

Examples of video available here.