Working against "best" practices on the web

Harry McCracken just started a blog detailing his experiences in media entrepreneurship (thanks to Paul Conley for the pointer), and I’ve already found an interesting twist on conventional wisdom. McCracken writes:

–Everybody knows that evenings
and weekends are quiet on the Web, and so you should concentrate your
efforts on mornings and weekdays.
Which means that content
that goes up during “off hours” has less competition. At both PC World
and Technologizer, some of our very best traffic days have come on
weekends, and we’ve had success with late-afternoon posting.

–Any search engine consultant will tell you that stuffing headlines with keywords is all-important.
Which means that many headlines on the Web are deadly dull, and ones
with panache will get noticed. And truth to tell, Google is so damn
smart that it’ll identify your stories without heavy-handed SEO.

I’m not sure if I agree with the headline writing tip, insofar as panache without relevant info won’t make me click on a story. But I do like the idea of posting content against the standard times.