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Trends you haven't heard of

Alfred Hermida was one of the people who got into a session I wish I’d been able to go to: Top 10 tech trends you’ve never heard of. By the time I got to the session, there were people standing five deep in the doorway and sitting in the aisles, so I backed out and headed to another session. Read his post for some description of the trends.

The trends?

  1. QR barcodes – heard of it.
  2. WiMax – heard of it, but also heard that it was struggling to gain acceptance.
  3. Geobrowsing – heard of it, think it’s creepy that my mobile phone would tell some company where I am.
  4. Cloud Computing – heard of it, actually not that new – Amazon S3 and Google Docs, for example.
  5. Web OS – heard of it, seen some early examples.
  6. Visual search – heard of it, has some interesting applications.
  7. Lifestreaming – Old news.
  8. Video on-demand – again, old news.
  9. Semantic Web – this has been around for quite a while, too.
  10. Multi-screen journalism – content for the web, mobile, and tv, for instance. This has been in the pipes for a while, too.