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Iowa backs off on blogging policy

Photo taken by me of Herky the Hawkeye holding...Image via Wikipedia It appears the University of Iowa has backed off its interpretation of the NCAA’s STUPID blogging policy.

Iowa’s athletics department statement includes this:

We still have strong concerns and questions about this media phenomenon and the effect it will have on our media partners.

Welcome to the 21st century, folks. Your “media partners” are just as subject to disruptive technological innovations as any other company in the media business. If they can’t provide a compelling presentation that beats a liveblog, then they have issues you can’t help them with.

As Mike Hlas writes:

This was a common-sense reaction by Iowa to a common-sense protest by the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Iowa’s stance is it doesn’t want to see primarily play-by-play in the live blogging sessions because of its broadcast rights. It isn’t a totally unreasonable position, though perhaps an overreaction. Anyone who is live blogging should be doing more than that, anyhow, because anyone with a radio or TV available doesn’t need a play-by-play account.

Kudos to Hlas and the Gazette for protesting the university’s stance.

Unlike Hlas, I think the position re: broadcast rights is totally unreasonable, but then I don’t have a TV at home and usually listen to games via Internet streaming radio when I’m not blocked by absurd broadcast limitations. If I’ve got Internet access to read a liveblog, then I’ve got internet access to stream audio or video (which is another issue for another time – the lack of live sports video on the web), and reading a liveblog is like watching paint dry compared with audio or video.

tip to Joe Gisondi, who has further thoughts on the NCAA’s STUPID blogging policy.

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