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College Rag attempts to be Romenesko when he was 20

Via a pingback on a post this afternoon about the OU Daily, it appears there’s another college media aggregation service around, the College Rag. Per the “About” page:

Sure, there are other blogs out there that cover developments in college newspapers.

There’s Innovation in College Media, but it’s narrowly focused. There’s the Next Newsroom Project, but that’s mostly for networking. Other young bloggers wax poetic on the issues their papers face.  But there is no true aggregator of news about all that is college journalism. Think Romenesko when he was 20.

Especially as the troubles that have rocked professional newspapers trickle down to the Quad, it’s important for college journalists to learn from one another — whether the news is good or bad.

We plan to highlight innovation, chronicle setbacks and analyze the business side of college newspapers. We also plan to look at how college journalists are lending their voices to the big stories of the day.

Sounds ambitious. Sounds something like CampusByline, which had a similar idea in 2006 (coverage here). We’ll see how it develops. From the postings so far, it’s about three days old.

One slight quibble: There’s no information about who runs the site on the site. From the Whois, Andrew Dunn, a UNC-Chapel Hill journo student, who has a web site: dunn, reporter, registered the domain.