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E-ink for newspapers coming next year

Amazon Kindle with carrying cover, Open.Image via Wikipedia The New York Times is reporting that the electronic newspaper will make its appearance next year.

The device, which is unnamed, uses the same technology as the Sony eReader and‘s Kindle, a highly legible black-and-white display developed by the E Ink Corp. While both of those devices are intended primarily as book readers, Plastic Logic’s device, which will be shown at an emerging technology trade show in San Diego, has a screen more than twice as large. The size of a piece of copier paper, it can be continually updated via a wireless link, and can store and display hundreds of pages of newspapers, books and documents.

An interesting development, but questions remain.

The iLiad, Kindle and eReader prove the technology works. The big question for newspaper companies is how much people will pay for a device and the newspaper subscription for it.

Indeed. I can’t see paying a subscription for a newspaper these days as a great investment. I rarely read the print edition, and would only increase my need to recycle by having one delivered to my door every day. While a device like this sounds interesting, a high price for it will certainly be a deal killer for a lot of people. Plus, an electronic newspaper doesn’t have the sizzle of an iPhone. Maybe the newspaper industry should make a deal with Apple to handle the design and marketing of this product.

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