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Daily Orange cuts a day

The Daily CalifornianImage via Wikipedia Inside HigherEd has a story about the Daily Californian’s decision to drop a print day (our previous coverage here), and adds another paper to the mix: The Syracuse Daily Orange.

Late last month, two student newspapers announced plans to curtail print publications, citing the same drain in advertising revenues that has prompted layoffs at commercial newspapers across the country. The Daily Californian, which serves the University of California at Berkeley, and The Daily Orange at Syracuse University, have both announced that they’ll scale back their print editions from five days to four, while maintaining an online presence throughout the week. Both are independent student newspapers, which rely on advertising revenue — not university money — to stay afloat.

And IHE pegs one important qualifier when discussing the college newspaper environment vis a viz the professional newspaper industry:

 By and large, most student newspapers receive some financial support from their colleges and universities. Some of the most respected student newspapers in the country, however, have independent status. Such independence is meant to ensure impartial news coverage, but it also means the paper won’t be bailed out by the university if times get tough.

Now, for the real question: When will we all drop the “Daily” from our nameplates?

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