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Washington Square News covers conventions

Nick Brennan just got back from covering the Democratic Convention in Denver for NYU’s Washington Square News, and another reporter is covering the Republican Convention in St. Paul this week.

Full coverage is here. Brennan went all web 2.0 on the DNC with his coverage – archived here. “I twittered, shot video and photos, and posted 17 stories from Denver,” he said.

WSN is another new redesign on the College Publisher 5.0 platform. They’re still porting content from their old site, so it’s a work in progress (nothing up on the video page, for instance).

I like the news gathering, but these days I tend to suggest uploading photos to a site like Flickr and video to a site like YouTube. You can still pull the content into your own site through the API, or even post higher res versions on your site. But the content gets seen by so many more people on those sites that it’s a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity to market your content.

Anyone else covering the conventions? Drop an e-mail or a comment.